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Turn Contacts Into Clients With This Totally New 7-Layer Business Card Designed To Catch Attention And Spark Excitement.  A Significant Upgrade In Appearance, Durability And Feel, This Card Inspires Trust And Affirms Your Commitment To Quality.

appearance 2Polycarbonate Film And Reflective Chrome Combine With Multiple Print Layers To Produce Real Chrome 3-D Effects and Metal-Flake Print Colors That Pique Interest And Dominate Any Room. Your Card Will Be The One That Gets Remembered.

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We Try Very Hard To Reduce Errors At Every Step Of The Production Process Including Your Approval By Email Of Final Design Before Printing, But Even Still Accidents Happen. In The Event One Does Happen To Your Order, Know That I Will Gladly Replace It Top Priority With My Apology Or Refund Your Money As You See Fit!


Business Cards have a traditional thickness between 10 and 15 points. Some fall outside this range but as a result, feel like something different than a business card. To truly grab attention and create referrals you simply have to do what everyone else is doing, but do it better. Not heavier, not thicker, just better! (visit the video page for examples) With a final thickness between 14 and 15 points your new Business Cards have a substantial feel, yet are still thin enough to feel like a business card.

A business cards flexibility should fall about mid-way between a credit card and a sheet of paper providing resistance to bending without feeling stiff. Your new Cardillac cards adhere to that standard. Just thick enough to have the feel of a high quality Business Card, yet thin enough to retain flexibility. They’re the first Flexible Plastic Business Cards that offer a higher level of quality. They make great guitar picks (see the video page), but if your looking for an ice scrapper, go to the hardware store.

Because water-soaked is a poor way to represent your business your new Business Cards have been designed to resist water and almost every liquid (except a few solvents).  Cardillac cards are perfect for businesses that get wet, have customers who get wet or even get rained on (see the video page). Your new business cards are impervious to the ravages inflected on most cards by the worlds most abundant substance.

All artwork on the face of your new Business Cards is behind a layer of polycarbonate film so not accessible to the the ravages that destroy most cards. Not affected by coffee stains, water stains or most other substances (except a few solvents) your new Cardillac Business Cards stay looking new for years to come ensuring they stay out there in the public working for you, not against you.

A layer of reflective Chrome is added to reflect the light that normally passes through the print, instead of being absorbed by the base material as is the case with other cards. Your new Cardillac Business Cards return more light to your eye than other business cards. They’re brighter, attract more attention and stay out of the garbage!

This product is proudly made in the USA from materials made in the USA by veterans who served in the military of the USA.





Who We Are:

We are a small family owned digital print company nestled in the foothills of the Idaho Panhandle. Living within 1 hour’s drive of 5 Ski-Resorts, indescribable mountains, unimaginable numbers of trees, countless lakes, rivers, creeks, endless miles of mountain bike trails, snowmobile trails, horseback trails and hiking trails, ensures opportunity without end to hunt, fish, camp, ride, hike, ski, board, boat, swim etc. I am forever indebted to our employees for putting work first under these trying circumstances. Thank You

Because it is my belief that the thinner you spread your attention the less attention you have for the details, and my desire to produce for sale, the same business cards I make for myself (The’re the best I can make at any cost), that I make Business Cards, ONLY Business Cards. The best, highest quality, NEXT-GEN Business Cards that I can make.

It’s our wish to produce business cards so outstanding that they become viral advertising tools, that encourage your clients to show them off as they would a shinny new toy. We don’t want to rule the world or even the printing industry. We just want to do the one thing, but we do want to do this thing the absolute BEST it can be done. To this end we will always be looking for new materials and new prints and new combinations of materials and prints to bring you the Viral Rewards your efforts deserve.

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Click The Link Of Your Choice Above To Order Now


Since 2013 Cardillac Business Cards has been pushing the boundary’s of traditional print materials and processes to create business cards with  a uniquely luxurious look and feel to grab attention, engender trust, and display your dedication to quality. 




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